Veteran Services is committed to providing direct assistance to you in receiving your educational benefits from the Department of Veteran Affairs. Although our main goal is the initiation and assured continuation of educational benefits, we are available to provide supportive services to veterans, national guardsmen, reservists, and eligible beneficiaries enrolled at Kennesaw State University.

  • After applying for admission to the university, students should complete the Veterans Enrollment Data Sheet. This form is to be completed and returned to the Office of the Registrar. At minimum, a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA must accompany the Veterans Enrollment Data Sheet. The veteran will be notified if any other paperwork is required for their specific educational benefit.  The student-veteran must supply the Certificate of Eligibility prior to the beginning of Early Registration each term.

    • The veteran must go to to begin the application process through the VA.

      • Student -Veteran
        Complete FORM 22-1990 if you have NEVER used your educational benefits.
        RESTARTING or CHANGING TRAINING SITES? Complete Form 22-1995
      • Survivor and Dependants' Benefits
        Complete Form 22-5490 if you have NEVER used your educational benefits.
        RESTARTING or CHANGING TRAINING SITES? Complete Form 22-5495


      • Montgomery GI Bill/Chapter 30: (active duty or veteran status) must have served in the United States Armed Forces and participated in the GI Bill program. In most instances, veterans must also have been honorably discharged.
      • Montgomery GI Bill/Chapter 1606: (selected guard and reserves) must have completed all initial entry training (IET) and are now assigned to a Reserve and/or a Georgia National Guard Unit.
      • VA Vocational Rehabilitation/Chapter 31: (service-connected disabled veterans) must make application with local VA caseworker to have rehabilitation plan developed indicating a KSU degree plan.
      • Post 9/11 GI Bill/Chapter 33: must have active duty service on or after September 11, 2001. Benefit is based on service credits
      • Survivors and Dependents' Educational Assistance Program/ Chapter 35 (dependents and spouses of 100% disabled or deceased Veterans).

        Specific information on each chapter can be found on the Veteran's website:
    • Veteran students at KSU have ongoing responsibilities to the VA and KSU. The student's entitlement is based upon the number of credit hours for which they are enrolled. Current pay rates can be viewed

      Veteran students must notify the VA Certifying Official of any of the following:

      1. Change of degree program
      2. Change of address
      3. Out more than three semesters
      4. Veteran does not want a semester certified
    • All students receiving Chapter 30 or Chapter 1606 benefits must verify their monthly enrollment no earlier than the last day of each month or after. The benefit (monetary award) will not be released by the VA until this is done. Enrollment verification can be accomplished by using the VA toll-free telephone number 1.877.823.2378 or the WAVE feature found on the VA website

    • Students are responsible for paying all university bills. The student MUST adhere to published payment deadlines. Please check your account one week prior to the published payment deadline to confirm amount owed, if any, to Kennesaw State. The VA does not pay for meal plans.

      Veterans and survivors/dependents receiving the following benefits – Chapter 30, Chapter 1606, Chapter 1607 and Chapter 35 - are responsible for paying all tuition and fees prior to the published payment deadline.

      Veterans receiving Post 9/11 benefits must have a current Certificate of Eligibility on file in our office. Failure to provide the certificate will result in a delay of the certification of enrollment. Also, if the certificate is not on file, the veteran must pay full tuition by the payment deadline. Those who have a certificate on file, receive 100% of the benefit, and have an in-state status will have their tuition deferred. Any veteran with an out-of-state status or receiving less than 100% of the Post 9/11 benefit will be responsible for any money owed and must pay by payment deadlines.

      It normally takes the VA processing center 6-8 weeks to process new educational claims, so please plan accordingly.

    • Questions that students may have about eligibility and payment should be directed to the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office.

      Department of Veterans Affairs
      PO Box 8888
      Muskogee, OK 74402-8888
      Phone: 1.888.GI.BILL.1 (1.888.442.4551)


  • VA Certifying Officials

    Glenda España
    Phone:  470.578.6431
    Donna Barrett
    Phone: 470.578.3031