Academic Policies

  • If a current student who was previously enrolled at KSU discontinued her/his college studies for at least three years, that individual may petition in the Office of the Registrar for a onetime academic renewal (previously known as "Academic Fresh Start"). If the Academic Renewal is approved, the student’s KSU Institutional GPA will be readjusted to the term he/she was readmitted. The student’s transcript and cumulative GPA will retain all previous course attempts and grades. The granting of Academic Renewal does not supersede financial aid policies regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

    Students who wish to participate in the Academic Renewal must contact the Office of the Registrar to complete the Academic Renewal Request Form. The request must be submitted within three semesters after re-enrollment or one calendar year, whichever comes first. A student can be granted Academic Renewal status only one time. Once granted, the petition for Academic Renewal cannot be rescinded.

    For information please see the University Catalog.

  • A student will be placed on academic probation at the end of any semester or summer term in which his/her adjusted grade point average (AGPA) falls below 2.0. Students may remove themselves from academic probation by raising their AGPA to at least 2.0.

    Students on academic probation are eligible to participate in Registration during the mid-point of the previous term.

    For information please see the University Catalog.


    Students on academic probation will be dismissed for any one of the following reasons:

    • They fail to maintain a 2.0 grade point average for courses attempted in any semester.
    • They fail to remove themselves from academic probation after completing three terms of attendance.

    For counting semesters and terms of enrollment, audits, withdrawals and incompletes will be used. 

    Students who are dismissed are not in good academic standing at KSU and are not eligible for immediate readmission.

    After the first dismissal, a student may be considered for readmission after an absence of one semester or summer term. Dismissed students must reapply for admission prior to posted deadlines. After the second dismissal, a student may be considered for readmission after an absence of one calendar year from the end of the semester or summer term in which the second dismissal occurred. After the third dismissal, the student will not be eligible for readmission. Any exceptions to this policy must be appealed and approved by the Academic Standing Committee.

  • Note to Parents: Students must log in to their Owl Express account and request the enrollment verification. Loan verifications are handled through the National Student Clearinghouse by the loan company.

    Good Student Verification Request Form
    This certification is generally used for automobile insurance or scholarship applications and includes the student's grade point average and requires a student's signature for processing.

    Enrollment Status (Full-Time /Part-Time Status)
    The following is applicable for all undergraduate students for each semester enrolled. Graduate students are considered full-time with an enrollment of nine semester hours.


  • [Note: Kennesaw State University uses "grades," "quality points'' and "hours attempted" to calculate a student's GPA]

    Students must know the following prior to calculating a GPA:

    Grades: Grades used to calculate a student's GPA are As, Bs, Cs, Ds, Fs, and WFs (this is a "withdrawal failing" grade). [Does not include "S," "U," "W" (withdrawal), or "V" (audit) grades]

    Quality Points: Quality points are values given to each grade that is earned at KSU. Each letter grade is worth the following:
    A = 4 quality points
    B = 3 quality points
    C = 2 quality points
    D = 1 quality point
    F = 0 quality points
    WF = 0 quality points
    Hours Attempted: Hours of classes a student has completed and earned a grade of A,B,C,D,F, or WF at KSU
    [Does not include: Learning Support Classes (i.e. English 0099, Math 0097 or 0098, Reading 0099), Regents' Classes (i.e. Reading 0020 or English 0020), or any class that a student receives an "S," "U," "W," or "V" grade.]

    The Formula: Quality points divided by hours attempted = the GPA
    This Formula can be used to compute all GPAs at KSU. Kennesaw State University computes the following grade point averages for each student:

    Term GPA - This calculation includes only the grades and quality points a student earns in one term at KSU.
    Cumulative GPA - This calculation includes ALL grades and quality points a student has earned at KSU.
    Adjusted GPA (AGPA) - This calculation is used when a student repeats a course. If a student makes a "D", "F", or "WF" in a course at KSU and retakes that same course at KSU and makes a "C" or higher, only the higher grade is computed in the adjusted GPA. Both grades are used in the student's cumulative GPA. (This rule only applies to undergraduate students.)
    For information please see the University Catalog.