Web learner Opt-Out Request

The Web Learners Program is intended for students enrolled in online degree programs. If you have previously enrolled as a Web Learner, please be advised opting out of the program may affect your registration status.

By submitting this form to Opt-Out of the Web Learners Program, I understand the following conditions:

  1. My online courses for the upcoming semester(s) will be deleted.
  2. During the next phase of registration, I will be assigned a time to register based on combined total hours earned and transferred.
  3. My program director will be notified via email when I opt-out of the Web Learners program.

Enrollment Term

Spring 15

Intended Major

Ed.D. Teacher Leadership (Graduate)
Ed.S. Curriculum and Instruction (Graduate)
Ed.S. Instructional Technology (Graduate)
Ed.S. Teacher Leadership (Graduate)
M.Ed. Early Childhood Education (Graduate)
M.Ed. Educational Leadership (Graduate)
M.Ed. Instructional Technology (Graduate)
M.Ed. Middle Grades Education (Graduate)
M.Ed. Secondary Education (Graduate)
M.Ed. English to Speakers of Other Languages (Graduate)
M.Ed. Special Education – General Curriculum (Graduate)
M.Ed. Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (Graduate)
M.Ed. Teacher Leadership
B.B.A. Degree – Information Security & Assurance
B.B.A. Degree – Management
B.B.A. Degree – Marketing
M.S.N. Nursing Administration & Health Policy (Graduate)
R.N./B.S.N. Advanced Placement Program
B.A. Geography
B.S. Sociology
M.S. International Policy Management (Graduate)
B.S. Integrative Studies
M.S. First-Year Studies (Graduate)