Transcript Services

Kennesaw State University has appointed Credentials Solutions of Northfield, IL, as our agent for printing and mailing academic transcript documents via the Credentials eRoboMail™ service, as well as, for sending official PDF academic transcript documents via the Credentials TranscriptsNetwork™.

The official transcript documents produced by Credentials’ TranscriptsNetwork™ are official documents and contain all pertinent course information as recorded by Kennesaw State University. 

It is not the practice of the Office of the Registrar to release a partial (mid-term grades) record prior to end of term processing. 

If you are/were a KSU or you were an SPSU undergrad student and are applying to KSU’s Graduate School, you DO NOT need to send a transcript. The Graduate School will be able to review your records without an official transcript.

Owl Express remains active for one year from the student’s last semester of enrollment. If you need to look up your NetID to login to Owl Express, please visit

Kennesaw State Transcripts Request With Active Owl Express Account

I have an active Owl Express account. 
Current students or former students who still have an active Owl Express account should request their electronic transcripts or a transcript to be mailed via Owl Express.  The cost is $5.00 per transcript.

  • Log into Owl Express
  • Click on Registration and Student Records
  • Click on Request Printed/Official Transcript

Kennesaw State Transcripts Request Without Active Owl Express Account

Owl Express remains active for one year from the student’s last semester of enrollment. If you need to look up your NetID to login to Owl Express, please visit

Kennesaw State University has retained Credentials Inc. to accept transcript orders over the Internet.  Please click on the TranscriptsPlus icon below to enter your order.  If you are uncomfortable placing an order over the Internet, you can call Credentials Inc. at 847-716-3005 to place your transcript request.  There is an additional operator surcharge for placing orders over the telephone.

The cost is $5.00 per transcript.

Request a Transcript

Check the Status of Your Transcript Order

The following link will direct you to the Credential’s Self-ServicePlus screen, where you can view the status of your transcript order.

Check the Status of my Order

Associate Degree You Deserve Transcript Requests

The Associate Degree you Deserve (ADD) Program is a USG initiative to assist students that have transferred from an associate degree-seeking institution to a bachelor’s degree-seeking institution and may be eligible to be awarded an associate degree. Transcripts requested through this program are FREE! Having an associate degree can increase your earning power and make you eligible for more jobs while you work on your bachelor’s degree. To be eligible for the program students must:

  • Currently be working toward a bachelor’s degree at KSU;
  • Transferred from a USG associate degree-granting institution;
  • Earned at least 15 credit hours at the associate degree institution;
  • Accumulated at least 60 credit hours total between KSU and your associate degree institution;
  • And have a GPA of at least a 2.00
  •  Things you will NOT have to do:
  • You will not have to take additional coursework at your associate degree institution.
    You will not lose any of the credits you have earned at KSU.

Things you will have to do:

  • Consent to have your transcript from KSU sent to your associate degree institution so that they can evaluate whether you have met their requirements for an associate degree.
  • Indicate that you want to be awarded the associate degree if you have met the requirements.
  • Agree that your associate degree institution can notify KSU if you receive an associate degree so that we can update our records.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar by email at with questions.