Fall 2020 Academic Calendar

All Dates are TENTATIVE and Subject to Change

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  7-Week I 15-Week 7-Week II
Registration (See Time Ticket Matrix for Details) Begins 8:00 a.m. Mar 16 (M) – Aug 9 (Su), ending at 11:45 p.m.
First Day of Classes Aug 17 (M) Aug 17 (M) Oct 13 (Tu)
Registration / Drop-Add  (Begins 8:00 a.m., Ends 11:45 p.m.) Aug 17 (M) – 21 (F) Aug 17 (M) –  21 (F)

Aug 17 (M) –  21 (F) and Oct 8 (Th) –  14 (W)

Financial Aid Disbursement Aug 28 (F) Aug 28 (F) Oct 15 (Th) if adding a course or only enrolled for 7-Week II Session
Payment Deadline 4:00 p.m for Classes Beginning Aug 17* (includes eCore) Aug 28 (F) Aug 28 (F) Not Applicable unless also enrolled in a 7-Week I and/or 15-Week Session
Deletion of Courses for Nonpayment* (includes eCore) Aug 31 (M) Aug 31 (M) Not Applicable unless also enrolled in a 7-Week I and/or 15-Week Session
Holidays / Breaks Sep 5 (Sa) – Sep 7 (M) Sep 5 (Sa) – Sep 7 (M) N/A
Mid-Term Payment Deadline4:00 p.m. (includes eCore) N/A N/A Oct 15 (Th) for registrations during 7-Week II Registration and/or Drop/Add
Mid-Term Deletion of Courses for Nonpayment*(includes eCore) N/A N/A Oct 16 (F) for registrations occurring during
7-Week II Registration and/or Drop/Add
Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty, 11:45 p.m. Sep 9 (W) Oct 7 (W) Nov 4 (W)
Holidays / Breaks N/A Nov 23 (M)–Nov 29 (Su) Nov 23 (M)–Nov 29 (Su)
Last Day to Withdraw for the Term With a WF Sep 28 (M) Nov 30 (M) Nov 30 (M)
Last Day of Classes Oct 5 (M) Dec 7 (M) Dec 7 (M)
Final Exams Oct 6 (Tu) – 7 (W) Dec 8 (Tu) – 14 (M) Dec 8 (Tu) – 14 (M)
Final Grades Due, by Noon Oct 9 (F) Dec 16 (W) Dec 16 (W)
Graduation Dec 15 (Tu) – 16 (W)

*Deletion applies to the entire registration, if not paid by the payment deadline.  Credit card payments can be made via Owl Express. Cash/check payments are due in Bursar’s Office by 4:00 p.m.  A late penalty may also apply.

Su = Sunday, M = Monday, Tu = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, Th = Thursday, F = Friday, Sa = Saturday

Fall 2020 eCore Calendar      https://ecore.usg.edu/courses/calendar/index.php

Note: eCore Calendar dates may differ from KSU’s Academic Calendar dates. Students enrolling in eCore courses must adhere to the USG published dates listed on eCore website.