Summer 2019 Academic Calendar

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  May 10-Week 4-Week I 8-Week 6-Week 4-Week II
Registration for Current Students March 18(M) - May 6(M), ending at 11:45pm
Registration for Readmits & New Graduate Students March 25(M) - May 6(M), ending at 11:45pm
Payment Deadline for Classes Beginning May 13* May 7 (Tu) Not Applicable unless also enrolled in a May and/or 10-Week Session
Deletion of Courses for Nonpayment* May 10 (F) Not Applicable unless also enrolled in a May and/or 10-Week Session
Registration / Drop-Add Begins, 8:00am May 13 (M) May 13 (M) May 13 (M) & June 24 (M)
First Day of Classes May 13 (M) May 13 (M) May 29 (W) May 30 (Th) June 11 (Tu) June 26 (W)
Registration / Drop-Add Ends, 11:45pm May 13 (M) May 17 (F) May 31 (F) June 3 (M) June 12 (W) June 12 (W) & June 27 (Th)
Holidays / Breaks Not Applicable May 27 (M) & July 4 (Th) Not Applicable July 4 (Th)
Payment Deadline - 4pm, (includes registrations occurring on or after May 13) June 13 (Th) June 13 (Th) for courses registered prior to Drop/Add & June 27 (Th) for registrations during Drop/Add
Financial Aid Disbursement June 17 (M) June 27 (Th) if adding a course for only enrolled for 4-Week II session
Deletion of Courses for Nonpayment, includes registrations occurring on or after May 13 June 17 (M) June 17 (M) & July 1 (M) for registrations occurring during Drop/Add
Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty May 20 (M) June 14 (F) June 11 (Tu) June 24 (M) June 28 (F) July 11(Th)
Last Day of Classes May 24 (F) July 18 (Th) June 24 (M) July 18 (Th) July 18 (Th) July 23 (Tu)
Final Exams May 24 (F) July 20 (Sa) - 24 (W) June 25 (Tu) July 20 (Sa) - 24 (W) July 22 (M) - 23 (Tu) July 24 (W)
Final Grades Due, by 5pm May 28 (Tu) July 28 (Su) June 27 (Th) July 28 (Su)
Graduation July 25 (Th)

*Deletion applies to the entire registration if not paid by the May 7 payment deadline. For example, if registered for a May Session and an 8-Week
Session, all courses in all sessions are deleted for nonpayment. Cash/check payments are due in Bursar’s Office by 4:00 p.m. A late penalty may
also apply.

Su = Sunday, M = Monday, Tu = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, Th = Thursday, F = Friday, Sa = Saturday

Summer 2019 eCore Calendar
Note: eCore Calendar dates may differ from KSU’s Academic Calendar dates. Students enrolling in eCore courses must adhere to the USG published
dates listed on the eCore website.