Our Mission

The Mission of the Registrar's Office

The Office of the Registrar functions as a service office to the University's academic community, including students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni. The office is dedicated to supporting the University's mission of increasing student success. We support students in their efforts to pursue their educational goals. We are committed to maintaining accuracy, integrity and privacy of student records by adhering to federal and state laws, University policies and professional standards and guidelines.

Registrar's Office Goals

Goal 1: To maintain and preserve all students' academic records.
Goal 2: To provide a high level of customer service to all served constituencies.
Goal 3: To enhance and improve the efficiency, accuracy and timeliness of all office processes.
Goal 4: To effectively use appropriate technology to support all office functions and services.
Goal 5: To create a diverse organizational culture that attracts and retains excellent staff.

Registrar's Office Vision

The Office of the Registrar is committed to excellence and supporting student success. We strive to continually improve processes and services by using innovation and technology.