Final Grades and Grade Submission

The instructor submits the grades, via Owl Express, to the Office of the Registrar. Only the primary instructor (as designated in Banner) may submit final grades.  

Each instructor is responsible for entering the grades no later than the final grade submission deadline.  Full compliance to the final grade submission deadline is expected of every full-time and part-time instructor. 

The NR – Not Reported grade is reserved for academic integrity cases and is reported by the instructor to the Office of the Registrar to post.  NR grades must be reported to the Office of the Registrar no later than the final grade submission deadline.

Refer to the Academic Calendar for Dates and Deadlines

Submitting Final Grades Steps

Faculty with a Buckley form on file in the Registrar’s Office will have access to the final grade roster through the Faculty tab in Owl Express. If the Faculty tab is not available, the faculty member must submit a completed Buckley form to the Office of the Registrar,

  • Go to webpage.
  • Click on the "Owl Express" link at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter you KSU email address and Password to access OWL Express. 
  • Select Faculty Services tab and then select Final Grade Submission.
  • All sections that have been assigned to a faculty member will be in the drop down menu. Only the primary faculty member will have access to enter the grades. Select the CRN to enter the final grades and select Submit CRN.
  • When entering grades for each student on the final grade submission roll, faculty may use the pull down menu or enter a grade. By using the mouse or pressing Tab, faculty may move to the next student.
  • Faculty must click on Submit at the end of each page to officially submit grades. Grades will not be saved unless this action is taken. An email is generated upon the instructor clicking on the Submit button.
  • When finished, log off the system by selecting (clicking) on the EXIT button.

Important Notes

  • There is a 60 minute time limit on this screen for security purposes.
  • Only 50 students at a time display on the screen. To access the additional students in the course, choose the appropriate record grouping at the top or bottom of the screen.
  • During the time period when the system is available, you may change/enter grades as frequently as you like.
  • Once a grade has been submitted, it is immediately available for viewing online.
  • The "Last Attend Date" should only be entered when submitting grades of W or WF based on attendance. The dates must be within the start and end date of the course.
  • For more information see the section Final Grades and Attendance Verification.