Kennesaw State diplomas at graduation.

Diplomas will be mailed approximately six to eight weeks after graduation. The diploma is mailed to the mailing address submitted at the time of petitioning. For any changes to the diploma mailing address, contact the Office of the Registrar at diploma@kennesaw.edu.

Certified Electronic Credential

Certified Electronic Diplomas and Certificates (CeDiploma/CeCertificate) are now available for all students who have graduated Fall 2019 or later! Go to https://registrar.kennesaw.edu/cediploma/ to learn more. The Certified Electronic Credential does not replace the paper diploma but is an option for purchase.


Student requesting transcript(s) and/or diploma(s) for overseas job opportunities must complete the Apostille Request Form. Make sure you need an Apostille and not a Foreign Use Stamp. If you need a Foreign Use Stamp, please check the appropriate box on the form. If you are unsure whether the country requesting the documentation needs an Apostille or a Foreign Use Stamp, go to http://www.gsccca.org/Projects/hague.asp for a list of countries that need the Apostille.

Replacement Diplomas

Alumni may request a replacement diplomas by submitting the Replacement Diploma Request Form to the Office of the Registrar.