Student Registration

Your registration will go smoothly if you are well prepared. It is important to review your holds, registration time tickets and remaining degree requirements prior to your time ticket opening for a successful registration period. You have the option of using either the Schedule of Classes or Class Schedule Builder to create your schedule.

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Scheduling Courses

The Schedule of Classes lists all of the classes that are available for registration in a specific term. You must select the term in which you would like to search for classes before proceeding to the class schedule search screen.

Schedule of Classes

Scheduling Courses

Section Codes Defined
The section code that follows the course number; i.e. W01, refers to the type of course or instructional method.

Section Code and Type of Course:
AB - Summer Study Abroad Programs, USG Goes Global
C - Learning Community
H - Honors
L - Learning Support
M - Advanced Majors Program, College of Science and Mathematics
N - Reserved for Students Attending Fall Orientation
PF - Presidential Focus Learners
S - Study Abroad
TH -Thrive
W - KSU Online

Class Schedule Builder

The Class Schedule Builder is an online registration tool that integrates with the Student Information System. It allows you to select your preferred classes and block off time for work, practice, student organizations, and other personal commitments. The Class Schedule Builder will then generate conflict-free scheduling options for you! Simply choose the schedule from the available options that best fits your life and academic goals.