Degree Works

Ellucian Degree Works™ is an easy-to-use online set of academic planning tools that help students and advisors see what courses and requirements students need to graduate. It integrates with your student information system and records interactions between students and professors. It’s this kind of clarity that helps students make better decisions with confidence!

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  • Status = 3701 Major is undeclared. Click on the What-If option on the left and select a major to view degree requirements.

    Resolution: Student is either an undeclared major or their Catalog Year is prior to 200808 (Fall 2008). Use the What-If functionality to produce a degree audit.

    Status = 4 No Message Displayed

    Resolution: A degree audit has not been run for this student. Wait 24-48 hours. If student entered KSU in Fall 2008 or later and audit does not appear, contact the Registrar’s Office at 470-KSU-INFO (470-578-4636).

    • DegreeWorks should only be used to evaluate degree progress for: -Undergraduate students who first entered KSU in Fall 2008 or later -Undergraduate students who have a Catalog Year equal to Fall 2008

    • DegreeWorks uses a student’s Catalog Year to determine the set of degree requirements to use when producing a degree audit.

    • The catalog year determines which catalog/degree requirements students follow to obtain a degree. Students/Advisors may update the catalog year to Fall 2008 or later by submitting a “Catalog Year Update” form to the Registrar’s Office. This form is located under the “Forms” section on the Registrar’s website.
    • Yes, if a student has declared a major (interests included). Students who have not declared a major must use the What-If option to produce a degree audit.
    • DegreeWorks data is refreshed nightly from the Banner Student Information System. Any modifications made to student data in Banner (i.e. registration, change of major, change of grades, etc.) will be reflected in DegreeWorks within 24-48 hours.
    • DegreeWorks adheres to KSU’s repeat polices when producing a degree audit.

      When undergraduate courses taken at Kennesaw State University are repeated at Kennesaw State University with a higher grade, the highest grade received will be counted in the institutional GPA (previously adjusted GPA) calculations. The student's permanent record and cumulative (Regents) grade point average will retain all course attempts and grades.

      If a student repeats an institutional course as a transfer/transient student and receives a higher grade in the transfer/transient course, the repeated KSU grade will be EXCLUDED from the KSU institutional GPA the next semester the student is enrolled at KSU. 

      Repeating Grades: When undergraduate courses are repeated, the highest grade will be used in the degree audit and all other grades will be placed in the Insufficient Course Block.