Course waitlisting is available for course sections at the time of registration. Students must meet all course registration requirements (including prerequisites and co-requisites) before waitlisting. Once waitlisted, students may view their waitlist status in Owl Express, Registration Tab, Display Class Schedule and Grades.

  • Students will receive an email notification when a seat becomes available.
  • Students have 18 hours from the date and time of seat notification to register for the course or the student will be deleted from the waitlist.  Notifications of seat availability are emailed to student KSU email accounts.
  • ALL waitlists will expire at the end of Registration. Students will be removed from the waitlist.
  • Students may register for open seats during the remaining days of Drop/Add.
  • Students MUST meet all prerequisites, co-requisites, and registration requirements to be eligible to waitlist.
  • Time conflicts and repeat limits are not checked when waitlisting for a course, but will be enforced when registering for a course.

How to Waitlist for a Closed Section Offering Waitlisting

  1. Login to Owl Express
  2. Select the Registration tab
  3. Select the Term
  4. Select Registration (Add/Drop Classes)
  5. Perform a Class Search for a course section
  6. Course sections with a WL Cap of more than zero are using waitlisting
  7. Take note of the CRN
  8. Select Add to Worksheet
  9. Enter the CRN
  10. Select Submit Changes
  11. From the drop down Action box, choose Wait List' to add to the waitlist
  12. Click Submit Changes